Christmas Market by Boliglaget

Christmas market

A big thanks to Loo Berensohn and Loungelion Beaumont from Boliglaget for picking up the tradition of Christmas Market in Second Norway, from Dec 9 to Dec 27! If you want to participing in the Christmas market read the rules and contact Loo Berenshon.

Xmas market rules: 1. Julemarknaden (Xmas market) is open to all wanting to sell or give away Christmas things, as long as there are empty free tables, non-shop owners have presedence – shop owners will be asked to have at least one freebie to give away.

2. 1 table only per avatar per avatar/1 table can be shared by friends. Max 40 prim are allowed to be rezzed on and by each table..

3.  The thing to be sold must be created by the avatar or to be sold or given away on permission by  the creator

4.  Pricing should be fairly low: the basic thinking is that all should dare to put out something simple or small. This market is not so much for advanced or complex creations for a high sum, instead we want people to try and to test to sell, maybe for the first time. The market motto is: Everybody can!

5. Xmas and Winter are the suggested themes but it’s not limited to that, Nordic handicraft  and other nice Xmas gifts are also great! One rule though, they should not offend – stick to a friendly Xmas feeling

6. The table usage is free of charge but the  Boliglaget Group Officers kan give it away that right away if the table is not in use for 3 days.

7. All interested in participing are welcome to get a table by enlisting to the group Boliglaget through:

Loo Berensohn and  Loungelion Beaumont


Om Mialinn

Mialinn Telling (f. 27.desember 2007) er en av grunnleggerne av Second Norway-gruppen som ble etablert i august 2008. Hun har vært medeier i Second Norway-området siden starten i oktober 2008. Mialinn Telling (b. December 27, 2007) is co-founder of the Second Norway community, established in Aug 2008. She has been co-owner of the Second Norway estate since the beginning in Oct 2008.