Second Norway 5th Anniversary


It has been 5 years ago since 4 sl friends, Mialinn Telling, Sword Hammerer, Sessa Anatra and Fish Palen started the Second Norway Group. Ey Ren joined shortly after and founded Second Norway Estate 23 oct 2008, this was the beginning for a 5 year long adventure and we look forward  for 5 more.

We celebrate the 5th anniversary during the weekend 25 – 27 oct.

Old and New, resident and visitors are all welcome.

JD Black & White 25. okt - 21:40


Om Mialinn

Mialinn Telling (f. 27.desember 2007) er en av grunnleggerne av Second Norway-gruppen som ble etablert i august 2008. Hun har vært medeier i Second Norway-området siden starten i oktober 2008. Mialinn Telling (b. December 27, 2007) is co-founder of the Second Norway community, established in Aug 2008. She has been co-owner of the Second Norway estate since the beginning in Oct 2008.