Bridge community Second Norway.

Bru_004One can say a lot about Second Norway but one thing is for sure, we are one of the largest bridge community in Second Life. Finally we got a bridge between the docks in Second Norway thanks to Uggo Vieria. A half year with underwater tunnel is over and a brigde will makes it more easy to walk, bicycle and ride around the sim again. Click here for SLurl.


Uggo Vieria the Brigdemaster

The brigde will detect moste boats and other vehicles on the water close to it and open by it self. The bridge can also be open with a click. It will detect if someone is on the bridge and give them time to cross before opening. The sound and layout is amazing and for only that reason you should come and try it. You can rezz everywhere in the public area in SN. This is not the only bridge Uggo have made for SN you also find his bridges in Kaupang, Vindar, Landet, Sund and we are slowly changing all the bridges to his creation.

Uggo has also a small shop in Gantbryggen and you can see his stuff on Markedplace. Uggo is the owner of the gorgeous sim Vik where he runs Vik Marina. Read more about Vik Marina. He is very commited to Rainbow Sails in Vindar who he also build. Read more about Rainbow Sails. We look forward to see more of his creation in Second Norway in the future.



Om Mialinn

Mialinn Telling (f. 27.desember 2007) er en av grunnleggerne av Second Norway-gruppen som ble etablert i august 2008. Hun har vært medeier i Second Norway-området siden starten i oktober 2008. Mialinn Telling (b. December 27, 2007) is co-founder of the Second Norway community, established in Aug 2008. She has been co-owner of the Second Norway estate since the beginning in Oct 2008.