Kaupang Quartz Galleri

affiche japon

Janusz Quartz is the man behind the camera in this unique and beautiful photo exhibit that you find in Kaupang Quartz Galleri, where he has documented his journey through Japan in pictures. Janusz Quartz not only makes art with his camera, but also with prims in SecondLife with his partner Liamone Troglodite they create magnificent buildings. Liamone Troglodite is a piece of art himself (writers personal opinion). He is also the architect of this building he called the wave, Kaupang Quartz Galleri.


Om Mialinn

Mialinn Telling (f. 27.desember 2007) er en av grunnleggerne av Second Norway-gruppen som ble etablert i august 2008. Hun har vært medeier i Second Norway-området siden starten i oktober 2008. Mialinn Telling (b. December 27, 2007) is co-founder of the Second Norway community, established in Aug 2008. She has been co-owner of the Second Norway estate since the beginning in Oct 2008.