We are moving again.

NYE Second Norway

Second Norway are restless and we feel that it is time for some changes. Estate owner Ey Ren has requested LL to let Second Norway have its own connection to the Blake Sea and this has LL finally agreed to. We do not move far, just a notch (sim size) to the east and a notch north. This will mean that we will no longer be attached to  Snug Harbor. The picture illustrates how it will be. There will be changes in Second Norway airport to incoming flights from south to north. There will also be changes in Vest. The railway will be further develop to several regions.

We do not know when the move will happen but we will keep you updated in the group and on this blog.


Om Mialinn

Mialinn Telling (f. 27.desember 2007) er en av grunnleggerne av Second Norway-gruppen som ble etablert i august 2008. Hun har vært medeier i Second Norway-området siden starten i oktober 2008. Mialinn Telling (b. December 27, 2007) is co-founder of the Second Norway community, established in Aug 2008. She has been co-owner of the Second Norway estate since the beginning in Oct 2008.